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We like to dream, we strive to deliver unusual experiences and above all we enjoy our business, we enjoy seeing our clients’ objectives fulfilled and we always enjoy that final farewell and thank you, that is very much what we strive to achieve.


Meetings Conferences & Events

Alpine Sterling is your ideal partner when planning your conferences and events. With its years of experience and affinity for culture, the company is a trustworthy choice for your destination management. We offer you tailor made programmes that will ensure the success of your events.

Wide Portfolio of Events

We can help in organising events that range from small boutique meetings up till large scale conferences. Our versatility and flexibility is shown through our extensive portfolio of satisfied customers. We specialise in working with customers who want to break away from traditional events whilst still wanting to make use of modern day facilities. At Alpine Sterling, we believe that Malta is the ideal destination for hosting successful events as its restaurants, hotels, night life and modern day facilities offer the right level of comfort, excitement and security to make your stay memorable.

Team Building

If your goal is to uplift your team spirit then we have every creative way you could think of to get that done. Imagine a team building activity where two teams are on a Turkish gullet playing pirates, fighting one another with water cannons. Imagine going on a treasure hunt in the capital city Valletta or all over the islands of Malta and Gozo. Imagine something perhaps more traditional like a cooking challenge or even a visit to the many locally grown fruit & vegetable farms. This is a smaller taster to the type of team building exercises that Alpine Sterling provides.

The destination highlights

Modern conference facilities, backed by experienced personnel with good communications.

  • Diverse locations with a unique Maltese flavour
  • Easy access to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Beautiful scenery, exuberant local colour, warm climate and a fascinating history
  • Malta is known all over the world for its friendliness, great hospitality and outstanding heritage sites, as well as the best of local and international cuisine, not to mention excellent nightlife throughout the year

Sports & Music Tours

Giving the youth a spot in the sun

The country and its people welcomes every visitor with open arms and makes him or her feel truly special. Alpine Sterling follows this Maltese traditions in meeting the expectations of any group travel requirements. We give a great deal of attention to each and every person whilst ensuring the group feels at home during their stay.

We organise group travel activities for sports teams to travel to Malta. Whether coming for training sessions, practice matches or any other reason, we will help in taking care of all the accommodation, logistics and match arrangements to ensure that your trip would be fit for your team.

Alpine Sterling offers bands, soloists and any music performer the opportunity to come to Malta and expose one’s talent. Our team will handle all logistics, set you up with the relevant parties and ensure that your performance is attended by the right audiences.

Cultural Activities

Special Interest Tours

We take pride in being passionate about Malta and Gozo extensive history. The islands were visited, occupied and made home by almost all the major powers of the Mediterranean. All these visitors influenced the islands’ culture and influenced the modern day lifestyle. Alpine Sterling organises specialised events that allow its customers to taste the island’s outstanding cultural heritage.

Cultural Events
Malta and Gozo are littered with locations, buildings and sites of cultural and historic importance. Our events can help you relive the ages of the Knights, watch re-enacted British military parades and let go to the religious feasts of modern day Malta. We make sure than when organising such events, you are provided with tailor made programmes so your experience of Malta will be historic.

Special Interests
Alpine Sterling are able to come up with innovative ideas whilst allowing us to handle every aspect of your events. We are completely confident in our approach thanks to strong connection with all of our resources. Apart from the more historic events we also invite you to opt for land adventures, aerial sceneries and diving into the rich Mediterranean Sea.


Student Travel Agents Network

STAN was created in 2010 with the intention of exchanging knowledge, business contacts and experiences and to continually update the range and quality of services available to youth and educational travelers in Europe.

STAN is a European Network whose aim is to appoint one representative (DMC) in each European country, whose main activities include youth, student and special interest travel programs.

There are members in many European countries such as Croatia | Cyrus | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Italy | Lithuania | Malta | Netherlands | Spain & UK

Here is a link to all the members details online:

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